Grieving & Loss

Avenues for support and wellbeing during times of grief and loss

Coping with bereavement

Bereavement is the reaction to a loss by death. Grief is the psychological and emotional reaction...

General | Updated 28 February 2019
How social media has changed the way we grieve

Grieving for someone’s passing used to be a private affair, but that’s not the case...

General | Updated 29 May 2019
Coping with Complicated Grief | Symptoms and Treatment

There is a really touching segment in the Disney movie ‘Up’ in which Carl’s...

General | Updated 18 April 2020
You are not alone - List of support groups

Take your time to be alone, or spend time with your loved ones. When you are ready, there are...

List | Updated 28 February 2019
How to help a child deal with death and loss

Death is the ultimate truth of life. It is inevitable and does not discriminate based on age,...

General | Updated 29 May 2019
How to cope with loss and express grief through writing

Going through loss and grief is a difficult and trying experience for all of us. Often, grief...

General | Updated 29 May 2019
Quotes to comfort the bereaved

Knowing what to say or do for a person who is going through a loss is difficult for all of us. It...

List | Updated 29 May 2019
List of songs that help in grieving and healing

Music is a universally accessible form of art that carries subjective interpretations. There is a...

List | Updated 29 May 2019
Empathetic statements when you do not know what to say

When someone you know experiences a loss, it is natural for us to want to extend our support and...

List | Updated 29 May 2019
How to handle grief during the holidays

As we approach the holidays, such special occasions can be painful and especially overwhelming...

Choices | Updated 29 December 2020

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