Health & Medical

Health related matters to consider for graceful ageing

How to prepare an Advance Medical Directive (AMD)

Advance Medical Directive (AMD) is a legal document, which is also known as a “Living...

General | Updated 28 February 2019
How to make decisions about life support

Advances in medicine and technology have enabled people to live longer – even when a cure...

Choices | Updated 28 February 2019
How to organise important medical history

Organising your medical records that is useful for your family or healthcare spokesperson is...

How-to | Updated 24 May 2019
How to plan for future medical care with Advance Care Plan (ACP)

Advance Care Plan (ACP) is a voluntary process to discuss and share your health-care preferences...

General | Updated 28 February 2019
How to organ donate

There are 2 Acts in Singapore that make provision for organ donation after death. It is important...

Considerations | Updated 25 November 2019

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