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Cherish Forever

Create and share tributes for your community

Timeliss Legacy creates tributes to showcase the lives and legacies of loved ones in your own community

Commemorating Lives & Legacies

A Tribute For All Occasions

Timeliss Legacy specially creates online tributes to share and interact with your community.

Each tribute is carefully designed to be viewed from any modern device, with features to share and interact with others to create a vibrant tribute to loved ones.

Share your stories, your heritage, and extend your goodwill through direct donations to others.

A Story of Our Community

Timeliss Legacy is used by communities to showcase the legacies of people close to you. Creating tributes through community providers ensures that we nurture genuine and authentic network of people worldwide to celebrate loved ones.

For You, For Your Loved Ones

Each person's legacy is special, their stories unique. Timeliss Legacy provides a modern approach to showcasing each person's history, and pay tribute to loved ones.

Personalize each tribute record, then make use of the woven functions to share, commemorate, interact and donate to others.

For All Occasions

Ensure your messages are sent, and your wishes carried out. Timeliss Legacy lets you pre-plan for the future, sending your special messages at a chosen time or event. Timeliss Legacy offers the certainty that your wishes will be heard.

Thoughtfully Crafted Features

Each feature is carefully thought and placed in every tribute to ensure you have what you need to build and share a valuable legacy with others

Genuine Information

Each tribute is verified by community providers to ensure the authenticity of its contents

Privacy Controls

Control every aspect of your tribute to be viewed by the public, or selected loved ones

Cover & Address Personalization

Customize designs and website address to personalize to your needs (additional fees may apply)

Social integrations

Various integrations with Facebook makes it easy for others to get involved, share content, and celebrate loved ones in a welcoming fashion

Ongoing anniversaries and notifications

Tributes are built to last, so each record is tracked to notify loved ones of updates and new content as time progresses

Donation and Tax Incentives

Each tribute can provide a channel for donations to loved ones or other appointed organizations, and showcased on a donor roll. For legal donation to charities, donors will be eligible for tax deducations in accordance to your country of origin.


Creation of tributes is provided by community partners or direct through Timeliss Legacy.

Clear pricing
No hidden fees
Paid at your convenience
Free if you are not truly satisfied

Start with a tribute

Let's start simple. See how you can pay tribute to loved ones, and build in a lasting legacy together.