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List of most popular password managers

In the past, many of us only had a handful of online accounts and passwords. With digital trends...

List | Updated 29 May 2019
How to handle social media accounts when someone dies

In the midst of grieving and handling various administrative matters after our loved ones have...

General | Updated 29 May 2019
How to access email account when someone dies

Emails today are a treasure trove of information. With the digital trend going paperless,...

General | Updated 29 May 2019
How to delete your social media accounts post-death?

Preparing for death is not always easy. Writing a will, appointing a power of attorney, arranging...

How-to | Updated 11 January 2021
Digital death cheat sheet

Proper handling of the digital aspect of your estate becomes more important in the modern world...

How-to | Updated 28 May 2019

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