How to register death in Singapore

It is required by law for all deaths occurring in Singapore to register the death within 24 hours of occurrence, regardless of citizenship.


Documents required

  • Certificate of Cause of Death issued by doctors or Authorised Officers (i.e. Forensic Death Investigators) from the Ministry of Health

  • Deceased's identification documents (e.g. IC & Passport) for cancellation

  • Informant's identification documents (e.g. IC or Passport) 



Free of charge




Address & Contact

Opening Hours

Processing Time

Citizen Services Centre, ICA Building

3rd floor, ICA Building

10 Kallang Road S(208718)

Tel: 6391 6100

8am - 5pm (Mon - Fri) 8am - 1pm (Sat)

30 minutes

Police Divisional Headquarters, Neighbourhood Police Centre, Neighbourhood Police Post

List of Neighbourhood Police Centres

24 hours for NPC

45 minutes


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