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Lim Suan Sim

30th Aug 1925 — 20th Jan 2019

Today marks exactly 49 days since you left us. Both Yok Hin and me are slowly getting used to having dinner just the 2 of us without you.There are not many people who can spent their lives living together like you and me.Close to my 60 years of age, I was only away from you while i was studying in Australia for 5 years.You were the one who also accompanied me on my first trip to Australia. Imagine how many people actually live together for 55 years. Even Yok Hin has lived with you for over 30 years, 34 to be exact.During my early childhood days, you always took us along to your dancing classes, prayers in the temples, outings with your friends , swimming in the seaside etc etc. You would also guide us on our study, giving us 听写 etc etc. But my results were only so so, nothing that would make you proud about. While father was a very strict person, you were the tender mother to balance up our childhood life. I can remember during my view all

Chim Po,When I was little, I remembered you would give us chocolates whenever you returned from Australia. Those chocolates were my favorites! You were always so graceful and gentle whenever I went over to your house.
One day, you took me and my mom to the Buddhist temple in Phor Tay High School. That was the first time I noticed the differences between the simplicity of Buddhism prayers vs. the traditional Taoism prayers. I was super curious and asked a lot of questions. You patiently explained and made it comprehensible for a 9/10 year old kid. Thank you for your initial introduction, I continued to explore Buddhism philosophy and study after I lost my mom. I soon realized all things are impermanence in this world and understand the path to end all sufferings. You were one of the most respected grand aunt in my family. My late dad had always enjoyed conversation with you whenever he brought durians over to York Road.
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