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Everything you need to build your future and legacy

Timeliss is a set of services that assist with late-life, emergency and legacy matters

Timeliss makes it simple and accessible to take care of your life, legacy and beyond.

We aim to do this by building a meaningful and trustworthy service, designed with thoughtfulness, genuine care and focus to help everyone prepare for their future. Timeliss aims to provide you what you need to easily learn and plan for the future, be it life, death or legacy.

Each service provides comprehensive coverage and information to make sure you can accomplish them with ease of mind for you, and for your loved ones.


Timeliss's tools integrate with each other, and with external platforms to ensure you can take actions in one place.


Our solutions connect technology with professional services to ensure you have comprehensive coverage and information that provides peace of mind to you and your loved ones.


Planning is not done in silos. Achieve a holistic plan that is shared with friends and family so that your loved ones are involved with your plans and wishes.

Different Apps For Your Different Needs

Why Choose Timeliss

Preparing Made Easy

Your Timeliss account will provide you with a wealth of tools, information and services. Use what you need to achieve your planning goals, and find information on other aspects of planning you do not know about.

Accessible, Available, Affordable

Different checklists, guides, templates and services are provided in one place.

The Timeliss Planner will provide options and advice so that you can take action, even if you don't know where to start.

Take Control Of Your Future And Essential

All your documents are encrypted when stored with industry-leading storage solutions, and we are always improving with new capabilities keep your data secure.

Timeliss's sharing and monitoring tools allows your information to be shared with your loved ones only in the future, ensuring estate matters can be carried out effectively.

Lovingly Created Together

Our team came together from different places and backgrounds to build what many would have considered unlikely. Together with our partners and advisors, we will continue building for you, our loved ones, and communities everywhere.