How digital revolution impacts estate planning?

How the law has reformed itself to keep pace with technology

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8 Tools You Must Know for Estate Planning in Singapore

Learn 8 common tools you can use for estate planning in Singapore

Don’t be too safe with your estate plans

Some simple steps will go a long way to ensure that your wishes are carried out.  

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Estate planning in 3 steps

Many people misunderstand that estate planning is simply about writing a will.

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Practical and emotional to-dos before the shut-off point

We all know it can be horribly awkward to talk to a dying person. How do you go about making them feel better?

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A Living Memory of Our Loved One

Life may be fleeting, but the memories of our loved ones can be cherished forever.

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“Not many realize until the end that happiness is a choice”

A palliative nurse shares 5 top regrets of the dying.

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3 factors to consider when engaging a funeral director

Spending more does not equate to a better send off

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Breaking news about a loss

It is hard to break news about a death and it is important to wait a day for the deceased's family and friends to be personally contacted…

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