How planning on Timeliss Planner differs across countries?

Regardless of where you are from, everyone is encouraged to plan ahead. You may use Timeliss Planner for your planning needs.   


Can I create an account even if I'm not from Singapore?

Yes. Do indicate the country in your profile settings and your phone number.


Why am I required to provide phone number?

For security reasons, to assess Storage and Assets of Timeliss Planner, you will be required to provide the one-time password sent to your phone number.  Two-factor authentication is one of the safety measures to ensure that your accounts are not easily compromised by weak passwords or identity theft. 


What modules can I use in My Planner?

My Planner provides you with a selection of key Planner Modules in health, financial, legal and personal data. Guided with simple instructions, checklists and actionable steps to help you get started with your personal plans. The modules available are applicable in your country. This includes universal modules such as:

  • Funeral Plan
  • Risk Assessment
  • Advance Care Plan
  • Storage

Other modules such as Will Writing, Lasting Power of Attorney, Organ Donation are country-specific. 


Welcome to the Timeliss community of smart planners. If you have any suggestions on how we can make it better for you, send us a message


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