Ways to inform about death and reach out

It is hard to break news about a death and it is important to wait a day for the deceased’s family and friends to be personally contacted about their loved one’s passing. It is sometimes better for close family and friends to hear it personally than via a public disclosure.

The disclosure of death is with the intent to reach out to as many people who know the deceased so that they have the opportunity to pay their last respect. Newspaper obituary used to be the primary source for learning of who passed away, but not anymore. Newspaper obituary used to provide the greatest spread of information dissemination, but not anymore. Technology has since changed the way people get their news. And technology can now help create a more targeted reach out to people who know the deceased. Sometimes, it can be even faster and cheaper than the newspaper.


Ways to inform


Who to inform

  • Close family and friends
  • Key people in various of the deceased social spheres who will help to spread the word
  • Religious groups that the person who died was a part of
  • Workplace or office of the person who died
  • Any community or volunteer organizations that the person was a part of
  • Any teams or clubs that the person was a member of

What to say when informing

  • Date, time and location of funeral service
  • Details about any pre-service or post-service events (if applicable)
  • Donations to charity in the name of the person who died (if applicable)
  • Instructions on where to send the wreath, or if you would prefer not to receive (if applicable)

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