If death occurs overseas

If death had occurred overseas, it should first be registered with the relevant foreign authorities where the death occurred. The body of a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident may be brought back to Singapore for cremation or burial after the coffin (import) permit is granted.

Documents required to apply for permit
  • Death Certificate issued by the country where death occurred (copy of English translation is required if the death certificate is in ethnic languages), Cause of Death
  • Certificate or a Statutory Declaration
  • Sealing Certificate for the coffin
  • Embalming Certificate, where applicable
  • Coffin Export Permit from the country exporting the body
  • Air Waybill (Air Consignment Note) if by air

$10 for the coffin permit. The Permit to Bury/Cremate will be issued with the coffin permit at no extra charge.


Location to apply for permit
Place Address & Contact Opening Hours
Port Health Office 4545 Jalan Bukit Merah
Singapore 159466
Tel: 6222 2585
Fax: 6222 8543
Any time
Airport Health Office Airport Health Office
Singapore Changi Airport
Tel: 6543 2515
Fax: 6543 1973
Any time


List of international repatriation services
Letter of authorization

If the application is by the funeral director, the Permit to Cremate/Bury will be granted provided the next-of-kin gives a letter of authorization for the funeral director to apply for the permit.


Special cases

If the body is an HIV-infected Singaporean Citizen, a prior written approval has to be obtained from National Environment Agency (NEA).

Documents required for death registration in Singapore
  • Death Certificate issued by the foreign authorities (copy of English translation is required if the death certificate is in ethnic languages)
  • Coffin (Import/Export) permit
  • Permit to Bury/Cremate
  • Deceased's Singapore identity card, passport, Citizenship Certificate (if any), and
  • Informant's identification documents

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