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Holistic Planning & Estate Administration Services

Planning and estate administration can get very complicated, especially when dealing across families, estates and boundaries. When all else fails, let our professionals ensures you can take care of these matters with greater peace of mind.

Personal Service

Integrations with Facebook and other networks makes it easy for others to get involved and celebrate loved ones in a welcoming fashion.


Create caretaking, funerary and estate plans ahead of time that ensures your wishes will be fulfilled.


Manage legal, investigative and assets recovery across countries, including assets in digital accounts.

Estate Administration

The passing of a loved one is burdensome in many ways, including administering to one's estate. This becomes even tougher if there was no will, trust or plans in place.

Let our team assist with discovering and recovering of a loved one's estate. These include legal, logistics and other matters to ensure one's estate can be transferred successfully with little fuss for you and your loved ones.

Starts from SGD1,000

(available in Singapore)

Estate Planning

A holistic legacy plan takes time and effort, especially if your loved ones, wishes, assets span across countries.

Our estate planning professional can ensure your wishes are encompassed in a holistic plan, ensuring your wishes will certainly be carried out in the future.

Starts from SGD1,000

(available in Singapore)

Funeral Arrangements

Planning for a memorial service is never easy, but it doesn't have to be difficult.

As an objective provider, we ensure to connect the relevant and trusted services that can provide a meaningful service and resting place affordably, and with minimal hassle.

Starts from SGD1,000

(available in Singapore)

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