Breaking news about a loss

23 November 2017

It is hard to break news about a death and it is important to wait a day for the deceased’s family and friends to be personally contacted about their loved one’s passing. It is sometimes better for close family and friends to hear it personally than via a public disclosure.

The intent of a public announcement is so as to reach out to people who may know the deceased, so that they have the opportunity to pay their last respect. The disclosure of death can be done via two ways: Informative or communicative.

  • Informative announcement such as newspaper obituary is typically without any prejudice and uses an aloof language. It includes objective and important details about the death, funeral, family connections.
  • Communicative expression are usually made through social platforms or personalized memorials. It is usually subjective and written with a more emotive and intimate account of the deceased. Due to the way information is expressed, it often helps lessen the grief of the bereaved family members.

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