A Living Memory of Our Loved One

24 November 2017

Life may be fleeting, but the memories of our loved ones can be cherished forever. Timeliss Legacy aims to serve the community to celebrate their loved ones, uncovering a legacy of to be share with generations to come.

Timeliss Legacy is an online service to create records of family and friends that have gone before us, with photos, stories and messages from everyone.

Timeliss Legacy also provides functions to share stories and information easily, and enable loved ones to collect donations for the families or for charities.

Tailored for this purpose, Timeliss Legacy is focused on developing straightforward step-by-step guides and interfaces, so that you will be able to create records within minutes.

Timeliss Legacy creates permanent records for loved ones passed as a purposeful history of our lives, and preservation of the legacy we all leave in our time.

Why we built this

It started with a question we were faced with: why is publishing a newspaper obituary so expensive? Why is it so difficult to share about our loved ones in this modern day? And why isn’t there more we can do for each other beyond making an announcement?

It was a problem we faced, and a problem many will confront at some point in life.

We embarked on a mission to answer those questions — we did not want to simply announce the passing of a loved one, but we wanted to celebrate their lives, and share that with friends and family for ages to come. We want to bring a meaningful experience by giving people the place to celebrate their loved ones together.

Through this shared experience, we believe in playing a small part in bringing people of different faiths, ethnicities and beliefs together, and to celebrate each other in our shared humanity.

Journeying together

Through this journey, we have seen that many people that do not know or understand the processes undertaken during the passing of a loved one. Understandably, many people shun the topic, and get caught in a sea of confusion about religious practices, and the processes undertaken in their country.

We hope our blog can discuss these matters in an open and objective manner, and share useful information that everyone can use if and when the need arises. Rituals and formalities are parts of the healing process, and we hope the information shared can be aid in supporting families and loved ones in their time of need.

In the meantime, we would love to hear from you, the readers, on your thoughts on the matter. Feel free to reach us at ask@timeliss.com.

We everyone much love and laughter in your lives. ❤️

With much love,

Timeliss Tiffany

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